A character and mood playlist for ANBU Legacy | Curated by DK
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Intro | “Soldiers” by Otherwise
It’s time to strap our boots on
This is a perfect day to die
Wipe the blood out of our eyes
In this life there’s no surrender
There’s nothing left for us to do
Find the strength to see this through
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Coup & Traitor Mission |World on Fire” by Les Friction
World on fire with a smoking sun
Stops everything and everyone
Brace yourself for all will pay
Help is on the way
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Raidou | “Courtesy Call” by Thousand Foot Krutch
I am not afraid of the storm that comes my way
When it hits it shakes me to the core
And makes me stronger than before
It’s not a question about trust
But will you stand with us
Can you feel it, make it real
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music | “Soldier” by Fleurie
Soldier keep on marching on
Head down till the work is done
Waiting on that morning sun
Soldier keep on marching on
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Genma | “We Are Only Getting Better” by Joshua Radin
Get up, we’ve got a ways to go
We, are only getting better
Where we were then doesn’t matter
Lately, everything is hazy, but I know what’s true
Lately, everyone seems crazy, but I believe in you
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Fukuda | “Legends Never Die” by League Of Legends (Ft. Against The Current)
Legends never die when the world is calling you
Can you hear them screaming out your name?
Legends never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Relentless you’ll survive
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Ryouma | “Flesh” by Simon Curtis
Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh
Get undressed
Taste the flesh
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my flesh
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music |For the Glory” by All Good Things
Take a swing, I can take a hit
If we die, it’s fine, we live for this
It’s all for this
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Kakashi |Comeback” by Redlight King
Look into my eyes you’ll see
A graveyard filled with dirt and defeat
Look into my eyes you’ll see
The weight on my soul
Where the fallen angels sleep
The crooked hearts and the crossroads meet
Where the haters say my name
And carve it in stone
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music |Cruel World” by Tommee Profitt (Ft. Sam Tinnesz)
It’s a cruel, cruel world
No mercy left, yeah it’s a cruel, cruel world
It’ll break your heart and burn you down, down, down
Don’t ever doubt that it’s a cruel, cruel world
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Sakumo | Way Down We Go” by Kaleo
Father tell me, we get what we deserve
Oh we get what we deserve
Cause they will run you down, down til the dark
Yes and they will run you down, down til you fall
And they will run you down, down til you go
Yeah so you can’t crawl no more
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Sadayo |All the King’s Horses” by Karmina
I knock the ice from my bones
Try not to feel the cold
Caught in the thought of that time
When everything was fine, everything was mine
Everything was fine, everything was mine
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music |Zombie” by Bad Wolves
Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence
Who are we mistaken?
(Lyics) (YouTube)

Minato |Glitter & Gold” by Barns Courtney
I am flesh and I am bone
Rise up, ting ting, like glitter and gold
I’ve got fire in my soul
Rise up, ting ting, like glitter
Like glitter and gold
Like glitter
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

ANBU |Wolves” by Sam Tinnesz (ft. Silverberg)
Don’t look us right in the face
It’s like starin’ at a burnin’ sun
Got teeth like razor blades
And you know that we’re out for blood
We’re out for blood
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Kurenai |Say When” by Dessa
Looks like I won again
Another medal on the shelf
I guess my record stands
But I can’t quit until I play myself
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music | Live Like Legends” by Ruelle 
When it rains, it pours
There will be blood in the water
Cold to the core
Faith falls hard on our shoulders
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Shibata | Play With Fire” by Sam Tinnesz  (feat. Yacht Money)
I ride the edge
my speed goes in the red
hot blood these veins
my pleasure is their pain
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Hakone |Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons
I’m just a symbol to remind you that there’s more to see
I’m just a product of the system, a catastrophe
And yet a masterpiece, and yet I’m half-diseased
And when I am deceased
At least I’ll go down to the grave and die happily and
Leave the body and the soul to be a part of thee
I do what it takes
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Usagi |White Flag” by Bishop Briggs
Take a hit, shoot me down, shoot me down
I will never hit the ground, hit the ground
Playing dead, I’ll never do
Gotta keep an eye on youPatience is wearing thin, paper thin
Promises broke again, what a sin
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Ginta |Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” by Set It Off
Beware, beware, be skeptical
Of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold
Deceit so natural
But a wolf in sheep’s clothing is more than a warning
Bah-bah-black sheep, have you any soul?
No sir, by the way, what the hell are morals?
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music |Me and Mine” by The Brothers Bright
I will burn your kingdom down
if you try to conquer me and mine
I will burn your kingdom down
if you try to conquer me and mine
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Mood Music |Live to Rise” by Soundgarden
We’re insane but not alone,
You hold on and let go
Like the sun we will live to rise
Like the sun will we live and die
and then ignite again
Like the sun we will live to rise again
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Orochimaru |Survivor” by 2WIE
Thought I couldn’t breathe without you, I’m inhaling
Thought I couldn’t see without you, perfect vision
Thought I couldn’t last without you, but I’m lastin’
Thought that I would die without you, but I’m livin’
(Lyrics) (YouTube)

Outro |Meet Me on the Battlefield” by SVRCINA
Meet me on the battlefield
Even on the darkest night
I will be your sword and shield, your camouflage
And you will be mine
(Lyrics) (YouTube)