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Name: Sakamoto Ginta
Age: 25 at ANBU Trials
Birthday: 13 February, Sandaime Year 9
Rank: Jounin
Service: ANBU Field Ops; Lieutenant, ANBU Team 13
Registration Number: 008912

Physical Appearance

Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Hair: Ivory blond, dead straight, slightly coarse. Tends to defy gravity. Wakes up with absolutely ridiculous bedhair.
Facial and Body Hair: Beard, eyebrows and body hair are similarly light, though his beard is not quite as pale as the hair on his head.
Eyes: Angular and piercing. Intensely blue.
Skin: Very fair and smooth. Sunburns easily.
Facial Features: Narrow, angular jaw completes a heart-shaped face. Slightly crooked nose, bow-shaped lips, and a mouth that curves up in the hint of a smile when his face is relaxed.
Other Physical Traits: Short, slender, and built for speed. Ginta is like a miniature greyhound in build and is always in motion. Well-muscled due to his profession, but if he were a civilian, he’d be almost delicate looking.
Handedness: Left handed
Voice: Light high tenor
Identifying Marks:
Tattoos and piercings: ANBU tattoo on his left biceps. Double piercing in his right earlobe, in which he wears diamond studs.
Scars: Relatively old surgical scar on his left hip. Somewhat newish scar on his right side just under his ribcage. Assorted additional scars from years of active service.
Usual Clothing: ANBU uniform or jounin uniform on duty. Off duty he adopts an eclectic style. Some days he wears traditional, though not particularly conservative dress — dark kimono with bright designs, hakama and haori. His favorite kimono is black silk with a pattern of red maple leaves scattered about. His taste in modern clothes is a little louder: high-fashion for clubbing, black or brightly colored shirts and slim-fitting jeans for more casual wear.
ANBU Mask: Monkey. Black and blue markings with high, surprised eyebrow and an impish smirk.
Living Situation: Splits his time between his personal quarters on the Sakamoto estate with his grandparents and mother, and a private apartment in the center of Konoha, near the Hokage’s Palace.

Ninja Skills

Fighting Style: Jounin level in all three disciplines, and a genjutsu specialist, equally adept with pinpoint, highly immersive illusions and broad, area-wide effects. His speed is a distinct advantage in taijutsu. He actually enjoys hand-to-hand combat, unusual in a genjutsu specialist. He tends to utilize methods that use his opponents’ own power and momentum against them. Chakra natures: Water and Lightning. Sensory range: 2-3 km.

Preferred Weapons: For stealthy, easily concealable, hand-to-hand weapons, nothing beats a coil of wire. It can trip, it can restrain, it can strangle; it can even, if jerked hard enough or twisted tightly enough, decapitate. And with the right metal alloy, it can conduct electricity, such as from a lightning jutsu. He’s adept with a katana, but he generally prefers a shorter kodachi. His chief weapon, however, is his genjutsu.

Chakra Class and Special Jutsu: Water is his primary element, with lightning an equally strong second. The combination tends to potentiate each other.

Strengths: Exceptionally intelligent, creative thinker. Sees patterns quickly and can adapt a plan in the blink of an eye. Superb tactician. Thinks outside the box. Ruthless in the field.

Weaknesses: Indulged as a child and blind to his own privilege. Makes leaps of logic that leave others in confusion. Has been known to terrifyingly dissociate from his humanity when facing an enemy — though some in Konoha’s hierarchy consider that a strength. Not a physical powerhouse. He’s fast and clever, but he doesn’t have a lot of mass. If he’s physically overwhelmed, he’ll go down.

Service Record: Graduated from the Academy at the age of 9, and served on two different genin teams. His first jounin-sensei was killed in action on a mission without his students. Promoted to chuunin at 12, jounin at 16. Apprenticed to Yuuhi Benihime when he was 14, and continues to study genjutsu with her. Spent the war years as a scout, providing concealment and distraction for his teammates as a chuunin, and once he was promoted to jounin, leading scouting and sabotage missions. Joined ANBU at 20, a year before the announcement of Namikaze Minato as the Sandaime’s successor. With his wartime record, ANBU was a natural fit. Despite being the Sakamoto clan heir-apparent, he was able to make a case for ANBU service with his grandfather. All missions are risky at jounin level, ANBU isn’t necessarily more so. Serving in ANBU would give him unique and valuable experience as a shinobi and as a leader (It’s 100% assumed he’d become a captain in short order), and Konoha and Hiruzen had need. Promoted to lieutenant at 23. In his third year as a lieutenant now, supporting Usagi Ikuyo in her first year as a captain of ANBU Team Thirteen.


General Personality Traits: Cheerful, outgoing, and enthusiastic. Quick mind. Tease. Risk-taker. Shit-stirrer. Hyperkinetic and always in motion. He’s either distractible, jumping from topic to topic, or hyperfocused. There is no in-between. Has high highs, and infrequent but very low lows.
Quirks: Likes to be upside down. Loves gossip. Huge sweet tooth. Will make up wild stories, and if called out on them, readily admit it.
Motto: Unless there’s a good reason to say no, always say yes.
Sexual Orientation: Gay, Kinsey 6
Gifts/Talents: Smart as a whip. Quick learner. Poised. Fantastic liar. Can sleep standing up. Acrobatic. Charming.
Flaws: Distractible. Cynical. Manipulative. Devious. Will gleefully poke a cornered tiger just to see what it will do.
Religion and Philosophy: Culturally Shinto/Buddhist, but that’s as far as it goes. We get one life and that’s it, so live it like you mean it.
Likes and Loves: Watching and breeding koi, sweets, sex, dancing, being at the top of a tall tree, hanging upside down,
Dislikes and Hates: Being restrained, bad sake, people who can’t take a joke, incompetence
Fears: brain injury or dementia
Dreams and Ambitions: Serve in ANBU for his entire career, eventually taking over Sagara’s position as head of ANBU. Take his grandfather’s place on the Village Council. Serve as advisor to the Hokage and run Konoha from behind the scenes.


Family: Lives with his paternal grandparents and his disabled mother.
Friends: Yuuhi Kurenai is probably his closest friend. They met when he was fourteen and Kurenai nine, when he was apprenticed to Kurenai’s grandmother, the genjutsu legend Yuuhi Benehime,. Despite the age gap they formed an instant bond. He’s also close with Usagi Ikuyo, and has several friends in Intel and amongst Konoha’s elite clan kids.
Lovers: None serious. Friends with occasional benefits with Genma.
Enemies: The villages in whose Bingo Books Ginta appears
Hero: Nidaime Hokage, who held the village together when it seemed war was certain to tear it asunder, and saw the rise to glory of Konohagakure, and the fulfillment of his brother, the Shodai Hokage’s great works.

Personal History

Ginta’s grandparents are wealthy and influential. His grandfather, Gousuke, sits on the Village Council, a hero of the earliest days of Konoha who fought alongside the founders to make the village a reality. He served as an adviser to Sandaime, but is not part of Minato’s inner circle.

Ginta’s grandmother, Chihiro, inherited her fortune. She serves as steward to the family’s assets, which primarily come from land ownership.

Chihiro and Gousuke had three children, but lost two in childhood to a virulent epidemic. Their surviving son and Ginta’s father, Sakamoto Ginsuke, followed in Gousuke’s footsteps and was a rising star as a ninja. He served Konoha as a jounin, but died on a mission when Ginta was five.

Ginta’s mother Yuko, also a ninja, suffered a severe spinal cord injury during a mission a year later, and is paralyzed from the shoulders down. Ginta’s grandparents took over his care while they waited anxiously to learn if Yuko would survive her injuries. When it was clear she would never recover, they moved her into their villa as well, and have provided full-time care for her ever since.

The Sakamoto clan, an old ninja clan that predated the founding of Konoha, has dwindled somewhat due to war losses and infertility, but there are still many Sakamoto shinobi in Konoha’s service. Ginta is poised to become clan head when his grandfather passes.