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Name: Nohara Rin
Age: 19
Birthday: November 15th, Sandaime Year 14
Rank: Jounin
Service: Medical
Registration Number: 010885

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood Type: A
Hair: Brown, grown out long over her shoulders. She braids it or puts it up in a ponytail to keep it out of her way.
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Fair-skinned
Facial Features: Oval face, pointed chin, wide and expressive eyes.
Other Physical Traits: Has slender, dextrous fingers and a steady grip: a surgeon’s hands.
Handedness: Right-handed
Voice: A cheerful soprano
Identifying Marks: Two rectangular purple tattoos on her cheeks to show her status as a member of the Nohara clan.
Usual Clothing: Jounin or medic uniform when on missions or working at the hospital. Off-duty, she dresses simply: dark shirts, skirts and leggings, chosen for ease of movement rather than style. Occasionally she wears dresses and makeup, just to remind herself that she’s more than the job.
ANBU Mask: N/A
Living Situation: An apartment two streets away from the hospital, chosen for the large, airy windows that let light in all day.

Ninja Skills

Fighting Style: Academy-standard taijutsu. Her chakra control, even for a medic, is second-to-none. She specializes in precision attacks, seeking to end the fight as soon as it’s begun. She’s capable of slicing through tendons and muscle with the slightest brush of her fingers.
Preferred Weapons: Kunai and shuriken; can also adequately wield a tanto.
Special Jutsu: Mystical Palm Technique: A-rank. Medical jutsu. Speeds up the body’s natural healing process by sending chakra from her hands into a wound or afflicted body part. Can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. Combat-wise, Mystical Palm allows Rin to overload her opponent’s system with her chakra and send them into a comatose state.
Chakra Scalpel: Medical ninjutsu. Rin channels her chakra to form a small, sharp blade. This can then be used for highly accurate incisions necessary for surgeries and anatomical dissections. Unlike regular scalpels, the chakra scalpel can make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound.
Weaknesses: Her strength and speed have always been her greatest physical shortcomings. Though she’s trained extensively to correct that, her first instinct in combat is to use ninjutsu rather than engage in hand-to-hand.
Service Record: Graduated from the Academy at 10, promoted to chuunin at 12, promoted to jounin at 16.
War Record: Graduated from the Academy at age 10 and put on Team Minato with Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Obito. Participated in the Third Shinobi War. During Team Minato’s mission to destroy Kannabi Bridge, Rin was kidnapped and placed under genjutsu; while her will was strong enough that the enemy couldn’t break her, Uchiha Obito was killed and Hatake Kakashi wounded in the attempt to rescue her. After Uchiha Obito’s death at Kannabi Bridge, Rin doubled her training at the hospital. She was there during the Fox’s attack, keeping Uzumaki Kushina stable as the Hokage fought the demon to a standstill. Established herself as a medical genius after she stepped up to fill the vacancies the Fox left among the hospital’s surgeons.


General Personality Traits: Intelligent, driven, cheerful, and unflappably calm. Time and experience have given her the confidence to assert herself, both in the hospital and out in the field. Brusque if she has to be, but she prefers being kind; she became a medic to lessen suffering, not cause it. Attentive to detail, ruthlessly organized, and perceptive enough to pinpoint if someone’s lying– even if they’re wearing a mask.
Quirks: Any surgery involving eye trauma will leave her tight-lipped and angry for hours afterward.
Sexual Orientation: Prefers men, with a few exceptions.
Gifts/Talents: Her ironclad calm under pressure is legendary amongst her colleagues. She has a talent for mediation and nipping conflict in the bud, honed from her years on Team Minato and her service in the hospital, where the egos match the high degree of medical skill.
Flaws: There’s a fine line between extreme focus and tunnel vision. When Rin devotes her attention to a project, basic human necessities fall by the wayside. She’s capable of staying up for a week straight to refine or research new medical jutsu. She uses work to avoid processing difficult emotions, unless the emotions belong to other people. She’ll stretch herself thin trying to do too many things at the same time, and has come dangerously close to burning herself out more than once.
Religion and Philosophy: As a medic, Rin believes in preserving the lives of her teammates first and foremost. To that end, she’s applied herself to improving Konoha’s healthcare system, as well as creating new procedures that could revolutionize the whole field of medical ninjutsu. The entire reason she became a medic was to prevent needless death and suffering; the medic’s oath is the closest thing she has to a prayer.
Likes and Loves: Red bean ice cream, mochi, successful operations, well-behaved patients, sleep, people acknowledging her skills, missions where no one dies
Dislikes and Hates: People dismissing her because of her age and gender, patients who try to escape the hospital, patients who bring their porn into the waiting room and read it in public, seaweed, self-pity, angst, and would-be hero-martyrs
Fears: Losing Kakashi, Minato, or Naruto. Botching an operation and losing a patient.
Dreams and Ambitions: To become the Director of Konoha’s hospital. To be acknowledged as Lady Tsunade’s equal as a medic-nin.


Family: The Nohara are a minor branch of a clan that came to Konoha with the First Hokage. Currently, it consists of Rin, her mother, her father, and a few uncles and aunts.
Friends: Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Kushina (deceased), Namikaze Minato, Uchiha Obito (deceased), Uzumaki Naruto
Lovers: None. She enjoys sex as another form of companionship and a way to blow off steam, but her job comes first.
Hero: Senju Tsunade
Enemies: There are several doctors at the hospital that Rin would dearly love to strangle with her bare hands, but none that she counts as true enemies. Everyone else who could claim the title is dead.

Personal History

The Nohara are a distant offshoot of a clan that came to Konoha with the First Hokage. They retain little to no connection to their ancestors, save for the tattoos given to every Nohara who enters the shinobi service. Over the years, that number dwindled until the family could be counted on one hand.

Nohara Genjirou, a medic-nin, fell in love with his genin teammate Uda Yuriko and never fell out of it. Their courtship lasted until well after they’d both made jounin; he proposed to her on the battlefield while pulling poisoned needles out of her chest. Rin was born ten months after the wedding, on November 15th.

Rin showed a surprising degree of chakra control from an early age, easily absorbing the tutoring her parents gave her. While she was indifferent to her mother’s genjutsu lessons, Genjirou’s job at the hospital fascinated her; she devoured books about medical jutsu with an enthusiasm that left no doubts as to her future career path.

Rin received her Nohara clan tattoos (one diagonal purple stripe on each cheek) a month before she entered the Academy. By that time, she’d already started a part-time apprenticeship under her father, learning the basics of being a medic-nin.

In Academy, Rin excelled at ninjutsu and genjutsu and was solidly average in taijutsu. Her strengths lay in her sharp memory and resourcefulness, impressing her instructors with her creative problem-solving.

Rin graduated from the Academy when she was ten and was put on a team with Hatake Kakashi, son of a legend, and Uchiha Obito, a scion of one of Konoha’s most prestigious clans. Namikaze Minato, her new jounin-sensei, was a rising star amongst the village’s elite. Rin was, understandably, intimidated– until she learned that Obito put his foot in his mouth three times before breakfast, Minato was ridiculous, and that Kakashi’s bark was (mostly) worse than his bite. It was no surprise when Rin developed feelings for Kakashi– she was attracted to intelligence, and the occasional kindness he showed hinted at hidden depths to the front he showed the world. She refused to let her crush interfere with Team Minato’s missions, though, and when Obito started showing signs of affection for her Rin did her best to gently discourage it.

Then came the Kannabi Bridge mission.

In a single day, Rin had to face the loss of one teammate, the maiming of another, and her own part in both. She dealt with it, as a shinobi was supposed to do, and didn’t cry until the survivors of Team Minato were safe behind Konoha’s walls.

After Obito’s death, Rin’s determination to become a fully accredited medic-nin only increased. She doubled her hours at the hospital when she wasn’t with the team, learning from her father and the other medics on shift. When it was discovered that Obito’s Sharingan was draining chakra at a rate that would kill Kakashi, Rin performed the medical ninjutsu that would allow Kakashi to keep the eye and survive.

A year later, the Fox attacked. Rin was amongst the medics attending Kushina when the demon hit. She helped deliver Naruto and kept Kushina alive long enough for Yondaime to seal the Kyuubi back into his wife. Kakashi and Rin were there to brace the Hokage in the direct aftermath of Kushina’s passing.

The Fox’s rampage had decimated the ranks of Konoha’s medics. Rin answered the call, taking over more and more responsibilities as Konoha rebuilt and moved on. Along the way, she was promoted to senior surgeon. The pressure put upon her as Konoha’s most prominent medic after Tsunade, as well as the Hokage’s student, only increased. Rin plans to meet and exceed those expectations, and has her eyes set on an even higher goal: becoming the Director of Konoha’s Hospital and medical corps in-field.