17 December 2022 — New Chapter! Away From the Sun

Away From the Sun (Ryouma, Kakashi, Nijo, Orochimaru) — In the Snake Sannin’s underground lair, in an unknown country, Ryouma and Kakashi wake up. Graphic Surgical Content

We’ve been planning the events of this chapter and the following arc for, quite literally, years. We’re finally starting to pay off foreshadowing that we set out in 2013, and it’s so much fun. Hope you enjoy!

28 June 2021 — ANBU Legacy ebook Volume 5!

Legacy vol5 thumb.2021

For new readers and rereaders alike, Volume 5 of the ANBU Legacy ebook is now available in your choice of PDF, mobi, or epub formats, with gorgeous cover art from fellow reader Blaze023.

Volume 5 collects the chapters from Where in the World to Light the Way Forward, from the Suspension arc to the end of the Blood and Youkai arc. It is 255k words long.

4 May 2021 — Reader’s Guide and Glossary! (and an update)

Although ANBU Legacy is fanfiction, you don’t need to be familiar with its inspiration, Naruto, to read and enjoy it. The Reader’s Guide and Glossary is here to help newcomers and old hands alike. It’s a mix of basics about the world and specifics of world building that we’ve created just for ANBU Legacy.  If you have questions, the Reader’s Guide has answers!

I’ll be honest, we forgot to update this page. It’s been a year, but we are still all okay. Saunter and Nezu are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and Ki and Aubrey are getting theirs as soon as they can get appointments. We’re still living pretty much as we were a year ago, doing our best to avoid contagion. We’ve been busy writing, as usual, and are getting close to releasing e-book volume five, so stay tuned! —Nezu

20 April 2020 — The Writers and the Pandemic—All OK So Far

Dear beloved readers and followers, many of you have asked how we’re doing in these scary pandemic days. So far, it’s good news. We’re staying healthy and keeping in touch the same way we usually do, with frequent group chats and our weekly writing day. We’ve done a couple of video chats, too. The first one via Google Hangouts was a limited success, as Saunter could have video or audio, but not both. We switched to Zoom for the second one, which was much more successful and enjoyable. It was really good to see each others’ faces. I’ve experienced this with other friends and family, too, as we use video chat and apps more these days. Kind of makes me wonder why it took a global crisis to bring us into the 21st century. Read More

4 April 2020 — New Chapter! You Have That Effect on Me

You Have That Effect on Me (Genma, Raidou, Kurenai) — Date Night arrives! Genma, Raidou, and Kurenai hit the village and the sheets. Explicit Sexual Content

8 March 2020 — Nezu’s Home

After an extended hospital stay for a myasthenia gravis flare, Nezu is immensely relieved to be home! We’re all excited to be able to resume our regular writing days.