Why yes, we do write our own fanfiction about our fanfiction. A few of these stories are pre-canon or offer a potential view into a post-canon future, but the rest are just for fun. 😉

Pre-canon (Backstory)

Stories By Ki

This Broken World We Choose – A chuunin kunoichi meets tall, dark, and dangerous in a Konoha bar. Shinobi are weapons, but sometimes weapons remember their humanity. [PRE-CANON, ongoing/incomplete]

A Certainty in Steel and Skin – Tousaki Ryouma turned fifteen on a battlefield. Three days later, a chance meeting sets a pattern he’ll find hard to break. [PRE-CANON]

Post-canon (Possibilities)

Stories by Aubrey

Hard Lessons – The new genin on Team Eight want a career full of ADVENTURE and EXCITEMENT. They get exactly what they asked for… [POST-CANON, one possible future]

Non-canonical (Just for Fun)

Stories by Saunter

I Heard It in Your Voice Last Night – Ryouma introduces Kakashi to some of his favorite rock bands.

I’m Not Calling You a Liar – In which there is terrible lying, dentistry, and first steps at a threesome.

Red Leaves – Ryouma gets struck down on a mission. Kakashi isn’t a healer, but he tries anyway.

No Second Chances (Maybe One) – Raidou faces losing one of his young, exasperating subordinates — and he will not stand for it.

Pretty Painted Things – Kakashi gets painted. FOR SCIENCE.

Stories by Nezu

Everyone Likes Puppies – Kakashi tries to cheer up his injured teammates.

Stories by Aubrey

Passion in My Pants – Team Six is commissioned to do a Sexy Calendar.

Three Happy Lives Tousaki Ryouma Will Never Get to Live Because He Suffers Too Beautifully – Tousaki Ryouma’s life is full of suffering, and that is an injustice that must be corrected. I humbly present three possible corrections.

If You Were (In My Movie) – Team Six movie nights.

Suit Porn – In which the title is slightly misleading, because there’s way more cute domesticity than there is porn. But there is a suit.

I Know About You – Bartender!Kakashi meets Salaryman!Ryouma. Emotional ineptitude ensues.