Throughout Legacy chapters, Ryouma has frequently referred to his love for ninja rock band Shuriken Force. When Ryouma described an old, well-worn Shuriken Force tee-shirt in one recent chapter, Ki mentioned in passing, “I’d love to have that shirt.”

Nezu said, “I could do that.”

And lo and behold, he DID.


You can find the Shuriken Force design HERE as a tee-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, throw pillow, or more.


Nezu re-designed an ANBU tee-shirt he made last year as a Christmas present for the writers. It’s available with WHITE text or BLACK text .


Here is Raidou’s favorite catchphrase in BLACK or WHITE.


For the less brand-conscious, here’s a simple graphic that says “Shinobi”.

And there is a simplified version of the ANBU design, with only the characters AN and BU, in BLACK text and WHITE text.

All designs by Nezu, who is a graphic designer in his other life. We don’t make much selling these—redbubble gets most of it—but everything we do goes straight into the LegacyCon Fund for getting us together in the same place at least once a year.

If you’ve ever wanted to wear your loyalty to ANBU Legacy, here’s the way to do it!

Legacy Merchandise by Nezu

Oct. 2018