We love fanfic!  Please write as much fanfiction set in the ANBU Legacy world as you would like, and let us know if you have a piece we can link here. We probably don’t need to say this but, as these are fanfic, they are not canonical.

ANBU Legacy Collection on Archive of Our Own — includes a number of related works by the ANBU Legacy creators themselves, kilerkki, saunterleftside, aubreyli, and nezuko

One Who Lives in Pain by orphan_account – When Fukuda received a troublesome mission promised to bring vast amounts of money back to Kirigakure, she wasn’t planning on meeting monsters.

I Hope You’re Alright by – Fresh from the Third Shinobi War, Genma finds himself sitting next to Raidou Namiashi’s bedside despite having barely spoken to each other and really needing to be in a hospital bed himself.

There Is A Light In The Darkness by  – “The life of a shinobi was no easy one, but if Raidou was what he came home to every time, it made everything seem worth it.” Genma gets hurt on a mission, but Raidou eases the damage.

Black and Bone by – Set several years in the future. Ryouma gets his first genin team, and it’s a doozy!

Thousand-fold by – Sen grows up strong (based on the Tanuki Mission)