ANBU Periodic Performance Review Form

Agent: Tousaki Ryouma, 010950
Position: ANBU Team 6, Hunter, Rookie
Evaluating Officer: Shiranui Genma, 010203, Lieutenant, ANBU Team 6
Review Period: Y05, 19 April – 17 May
Missions: 2: ANB4052704-I-ISEG, ANB4050505-A-TSUT


Rookie Hunter, ANBU Team 6

ANBU Team 6 is a strike-force oriented squad. Tousaki is one of two rookies assigned to Team 6. He is a well-rounded offense specialist who relies most heavily on ninjutsu in combat situations. His signature jutsu are of particular value to ANBU, and contribute significantly to Team 6’s effectiveness at high-profile offensive missions. In addition to mission assignments, Tousaki is responsible for participating in daily team training, mastering all ANBU signals, codes and protocols, and carrying out tasks and activities assigned him by his seniors.


Agent’s on-mission performance

Tousaki is a skilled all-arounder, whose performance on his first two missions met or exceeded expectations. Despite sustaining traumatic injury during the ANBU trials (see injury report dated Y05-16-04) he showed only eagerness and enthusiasm before both missions Team 6 has carried out to date. He suffered severe chakra depletion on mission ANB4052704-I-ISEG (see injury report dated Y05-03-05), primarily due to the need for repeated applications of his high-intensity jutsu. He worked diligently at rehabilitation and recovery, and was mission fit when Team Six deployed for ANB4050505-A-TSUT. He shows good teamwork, and responds quickly to changing battlefield conditions, although he also shows a troubling recklessness and seems to be subject to a fair degree of emotional instability. Some of this may be a factor of his being new to ANBU and the unsavory nature of typical ANBU missions.

 Agent’s off-mission performance

Tousaki’s inability to read is a handicap that he has, for the most part, worked around. The arrangement with Intel whereby Tousaki dictates his mission reports is working satisfactorily; however, since he is unable to do any other team-related paperwork, the lion’s share of non-written team-functioning tasks such as laundry and stock keeping falls to him. He carries that out cheerfully and without complaint. He continues to work with Hatake and Ueno to master ANBU field codes and signs, and is making satisfactory progress.

Are there areas of exceptional performance that should be particularly noted?

Tousaki tackled and struck the killing blow against the demon ‘queen’ on mission ANB4052704-I-ISEG. This monstrous demon was larger than a 2-storey building, and had already done considerable damage to several team members. Tousaki attacked it without hesitation when he saw an opening, and despite considerable risk to his own life was able to kill the beast. His fearlessness undoubtedly saved the lives of his teammates.

On mission ANB4050505-A-TSUT, Tousaki fought seamlessly with Shiranui and Hatake when Iebara struck unexpectedly, and was instrumental in their takedown of the Mist ninja. When, in the course of that battle, Hatake was at the mercy of the Mist captain, Tousaki intervened with a crippling but non-disabling blow, saving Hatake’s life and making it possible for Shiranui to later secure the enemy captain as a prisoner. He then carried the gravely injured Hatake several kilometers to the safehouse, and worked diligently for several days, assisting in the medical care of his injured teammates while Team 6 awaited medical evac.

 Are there areas of performance needing more attention or improvement?

Tousaki’s jutsu are extremely chakra intensive, and as a result he relies on soldier pills more than is advisable. He needs to streamline his jutsu so as to reduce chakra expenditure as much as possible, and prevent the need for chakra transfusion from his teammates.

Tousaki’s emotional instability will need addressing if it persists beyond this initial adjustment period to the rigors of ANBU’s missions. His reaction to disturbing mission content is not unexpected, but especially on Team 6’s second mission, he seemed troubled enough that it affected his performance while the mission was still ongoing, becoming withdrawn and agitated immediately after the main objective was achieved, and remaining so to a greater or lesser degree for the duration of Team 6’s time in the field.

 State and discuss the expectations and goals for the upcoming review period.

In the next month, Tousaki will:


  • Practice small jutsu such as limited-release katon-no-jutsu on a daily basis
  • Practice chakra management, with emphasis on reducing chakra expenditure and improving jutsu efficiency, especially for high-drain jutsu such as shadow clones and his flesh-dissolving techniques
  • Continue to review ANBU signs and signals with Ueno and Hatake
  • Continue to shadow and assist Shiranui with medical care for Team 6, with an eye to beginning training as a field medic
  • See the medical office for evaluation and treatment of old injury to left knee
  • Carry out other orders and missions as assigned


List specific activities and continuing education the agent will pursue in the intermediate term as part of his/her professional development.

Tousaki shows potential aptitude as a field medic. Given ANBU’s pressing need for skilled field medics, and Tousaki’s prowess with finessed ninjutsu and competence at basic first aid, Tousaki should take an introductory Field Medicine course within the next three months. In addition, he will commence individual study with Shiranui.


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