ANBU Periodic Performance Review Form

Agent: Ueno Katsuko, 010993
Position: ANBU Team 6, Hunter
Evaluating Officer: Shiranui Genma, 010203, Lieutenant, ANBU Team 6
Review Period: Y05, 19 April – 17 May
Missions: 2: ANB4052704-I-ISEG, ANB4050505-A-TSUT


Senior non-officer of ANBU Team 6

ANBU Team 6 is a strike-force oriented squad. Ueno is the team’s kenjutsu specialist, and seal-tag creator for missions requiring explosives. She is also, due to her high chakra reserves, usually responsible for creating shadow clones to assist with peripheral security, menial tasks, etc. In addition to mission responsibilities, Ueno is responsible for organizing the team’s maps, participating in daily team training, and signal education for Team 6’s rookies.


Agent’s on-mission performance

Ueno is focused, efficient, and highly competent. Despite partially incapacitating injuries (see injury reports dated Y05-03-05 and Y05-15-05), Ueno was instrumental in the successful resolution of mission objectives in both cases. She supported her officers, obeyed all orders, and showed initiative and follow through in evaluating changing tactical situations. She was particularly effective in her role as mentor to the team’s rookies in the aftermaths of two emotionally and physically taxing missions.

Agent’s off-mission performance

Ueno is excellent when focused on a task, especially training-related and physical tasks. She tends to be somewhat scattered when not carrying out a clear assignment, and occasionally needs to be redirected. Her less-than-solid interpersonal boundaries are an area of concern, but she responds quickly to correction from Namiashi-taichou and myself. She fills a lynchpin role in team cohesiveness, bolstering Tousaki’s confidence and drawing Hatake into participation.

Are there areas of exceptional performance that should be particularly noted?

Ueno’s performance in the aftermath of ANB4050505-A-TSUT is particularly noteworthy. Team 6 was split for the major objectives of this mission, and both sub-units encountered lethal opposition. Despite her injuries, the unsettling nature of the mission requirements, and her own fatigue, Ueno prepared meals, provided accessory nursing care at the medical officer’s direction, and generated desperately needed extra support in the form of multiple shadow clones. She also kept Hatake warm when he was unable to maintain his body temperature due to chakra depletion and coil damage, and distracted him from his painful injuries.

Throughout the several day waiting period for a medical evac team, she actively worked to bolster team morale, helped to keep Tousaki focused when he was struggling with mission-related emotional trauma, and made it possible for both injured officers to command effectively and focus on higher level concerns. Especially given her close relationship with Namiashi-taichou, and the worry she was undoubtedly carrying related to their part of the bifurcated mission, her exemplary professionalism is to be highly commended. It should also be noted that Ueno’s clones were instrumental in raising the alarm and procuring the evac team for Team 6.

Are there areas of performance needing more attention or improvement?

Ueno needs to continue to work on her chakra management, particularly small-expenditure jutsu, and chakra signature regulation. Her issues with chakra control are, to a certain extent, irremediable due to her specific circumstances, but over the course of my month working with her, I have seen an appreciable improvement in both her stamina at maintaining small jutsu and her precision with them when she is consistent with daily practice.

Ueno also needs to bring some of her mission focus to bear on her non-mission tasks. She is clearly capable of on-target, sustained focus when a mission requires it. She gives the impression of not taking training and office tasks seriously, and treads dangerously close to insubordination at times. In her role as senpai, she needs to set a better example for the team’s rookies.

State and discuss the expectations and goals for the upcoming review period.

In the next month, Ueno will

    • Practice small jutsu such as limited-release katon-no-jutsu on a daily basis
    • Practice chakra signature suppression on a daily basis
    • Continue to review ANBU signs and signals with Tousaki and Hatake
    • Maintain Team 6’s code book
    • Continue with physical rehab as assigned by the medical office
    • Stand for evaluation of medical fitness when the medical office determines she is ready
    • Carry out other orders and missions as assigned


List specific activities and continuing education the agent will pursue in the intermediate term as part of his/her professional development.

I recommend that Ueno take the ANBU Officer Preparatory course as an audit within the next six months, not with an immediate eye to promotion, but to facilitate development and explore whether she would like to pursue team leadership in the future.


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