ANBU Periodic Performance Review Form

Agent: Hatake Kakashi, 009720
Position: ANBU Team 6, Hunter, Rookie
Evaluating Officer: Shiranui Genma, 010203, Lieutenant, ANBU Team 6
Review Period: Y05, 19 April – 17 May
Missions: 2: ANB4052704-I-ISEG, ANB4050505-A-TSUT


Rookie Hunter, ANBU Team 6

ANBU Team 6 is a strike-force oriented squad. Hatake is one of two rookies assigned to Team 6. He is a tactical and offensive specialist, with equal mastery of standard-issue weaponry and all three major disciplines. His repertoire of ninjutsu are of particular value to ANBU, and contribute significantly to Team 6’s effectiveness at high-profile offensive missions. In addition to mission assignments, Hatake is responsible for participating in daily team training, mastering all ANBU signals, codes and protocols, and carrying out tasks and activities assigned him by his seniors.


Agent’s on-mission performance

Hatake’s performance on both ANB4052704-I-ISEG and ANB4050505-A-TSUT exceeded expectations. He is an offensive powerhouse who shows bravery, resourcefulness, and unstinting willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of the mission and his teammates. His self-sacrificing tendencies bear watching, but so far he has not shown undue disregard for his own safety or well being.

 Agent’s off-mission performance

Hatake shows up to team training sessions, but is often late. He participates in sparring with varying degrees of enthusiasm, though as the team has come together more, he’s become more engaged. He follows orders when they are clear, but often looks for loopholes in them, and continually tests his officers’ boundaries. He completes his paperwork, but seldom on time, and his writing is neither neat nor always legible. He continues to work with Tousaki and Ueno to master ANBU field codes and signs, and is making satisfactory progress.

Are there areas of exceptional performance that should be particularly noted?

Although not technically an agent at the time, Hatake showed bravery and resourcefulness when faced with the unprecedented events during the ANBU trials. Despite his own injury (see injury report dated Y05-16-04) he intervened in an attack on Tousaki Ryouma (010950) and was instrumental in preventing a career-ending injury to Tousaki. He communicated effectively with Shiranui and Namiashi, who were in the vicinity and responded to the attack. Although he killed the attacking party, [NAME REDACTED], which prevented further interrogation, he was able to secure some field-intelligence that proved of value.

On mission ANB4052704-I-ISEG, he accompanied Shiranui into the unmapped mines and tunnels carved out by the demons, where he faced the unpleasant task of ending the suffering of five abducted civilians who were past saving, which he did with compassion and without hesitation. When Shiranui was incapacitated and dragged off by the demons, Hatake pursued his lieutenant deep into enemy territory, rescued him from near-certain death by bluffing a very dangerous enemy into retreating, and carried him back up through the tunnels to safety.

On mission ANB4050505-A-TSUT, Hatake carried out his mission assignment with skill and finesse. He worked with his teammates and officers to develop effective tactics for handling the split mission. When the team encountered the Mist ninja, and Hatake was recognized by Iebara, he responded immediately to the threat, provided an avenue of escape for his teammates when they were targeted, and was instrumental in taking down Iebara. He used his Sharingan to capture Iebara’s jutsu, and used it offensively in that same battle to eliminate Iebara.

 Are there areas of performance needing more attention or improvement?

Hatake needs to significantly improve his communication with teammates. He tends to act without taking into account the actions or intentions of his teammates, and at times works at cross-purposes to them because of failed communication. On a mission this has the potential to be disastrous.

Hatake skirts the line of insubordination with a great deal of finesse, and seems to treat it as a sort of game. He could better apply his energy to learning to work effectively with his teammates and officers, rather than continuously testing them.

Hatake has worked himself to the point of exhaustion on more than one occasion, in training and most notably on mission ANB4050505-A-TSUT. His high-power jutsu are extremely chakra-intensive and his transplanted Sharingan is a continuous chakra drain. He needs to learn to better recognize the signs of impending chakra exhaustion, and to manage his chakra resources with a greater degree of control.

 State and discuss the expectations and goals for the upcoming review period.

In the next month, Hatake will

    • When medically cleared, practice chakra management, with emphasis on reducing chakra expenditure and improving jutsu efficiency, especially for high-drain jutsu such as shadow clones and chidori
    • Continue with physical rehab as assigned by the medical office
    • Stand for evaluation of medical fitness when the medical office determines he is ready
    • Complete all paperwork legibly and before it is due
    • Continue to review ANBU signs, signals and protocol with Ueno and Tousaki
    • Carry out other orders and missions as assigned, and without complaint


List specific activities and continuing education the agent will pursue in the intermediate term as part of his/her professional development.

Hatake’s primary focus should be on integrating with his team and mastering ANBU fundamentals. No further professional development plans are indicated at the moment.


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