Cover artists: Vol 1. Leia Ham | Vol 2. Noam Paris | Vol 3. Jabberwockyface | Vol 4. Wombywoo | Vol. 5 Blaze023

The first five volumes of ANBU Legacy are available in ebook form — for free!

Volume 1 contains the chapters from Mama Come Home to The Way Home, from the prologue chapters and the ANBU Trials arc through the Demon Mission arc. It is 196k words long.

Volume 1: epub | mobi | PDF | docx

Volume 2 contains chapters from Short Straw to One of Those Lives (Get Used to It), from the Hikouto Coup arc through the Traitor Mission arc. It is 210k words long.

Volume 2: epub | mobi | PDF | docx

Volume 3 collects the chapters from Sound the Bells to Laws of Gravity, from the Intel Review arc through the end of the Team Reorganization arc. It is 217k words long.

Volume 3: epub | mobi | PDF | docx

Volume 4 collects the chapters from Red Sky At Morning to Morning in the Evening, from the Mist Infiltration Mission to the Missing Sake Mission. It is 250k words long.

Volume 4: epub | mobi | PDF | docx

NEW JUNE 2021: Volume 5 collects the chapters from Where in the World to Light the Way Forward, from the Suspension arc to the end of the Blood and Youkai arc. It is 255k words long.

Volume 5: epub | mobi | PDF | docx

As always, these compiled versions of ANBU Legacy are available to you free of charge. However, if you’ve ever wanted to buy us a coffee or other hot beverage of choice, we are now on Ko-Fi and welcome donations toward the next Legacy Writers’ Retreat. 😀

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