The unofficial fan-moderated Discord server for ANBU Legacy is a series of connected chat channels where readers can interact with one another (and occasionally the writers) in an informal setting. Created and moderated by two of Legacy’s long-time readers, chigiri-no-sato and 3dgftw, it’s a lively community where people talk about Legacy in several channels, and share pictures of their pets, discuss what else they’ve been reading and writing, and talk about their lives in general in a handful of others. This is an 18+ server, for people eighteen and older only, as is ANBU Legacy itself.

If you’re not already a member of Discord, you’ll need to make an account, but the link above should take you through the process, if necessary. Discord, if you’re unfamiliar, functions like AOL chatrooms of yore, but with moderation and, at least on the Legacy Discord, no creeps allowed. You can access Discord through a web browser, or via the app on both laptop and mobile devices.