ANBU Legacy is a collaborative serial novel based on the world of Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. It follows an alternate timeline, taking place in a Konoha where the Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi — and lived. Set approximately four years after that event, Legacy is focused on the young men and women of ANBU, who took the vow to defend the Hokage and their village at all costs.


Legacy is super queer, imperfectly feminist, and extremely violent. All content should be considered Mature (for readers 18+ only). The world of ANBU Legacy is inherently a darker world than Naruto canon, and the story includes abuse, murder, suicide, explicit sexual content, graphic violence, bureaucracy, and politics. There are giant leeches, mythical beings, Disaster Bisexuals, and performance reviews. People you like will die, and people you hate will not.

But there’s also hope, healing, talking dogs, excellent food, living parents, and a continuing question of how to be a good person in an amoral world.

Welcome to our Sad Bisexual Murder Adventures!

About the Authors

ANBU Legacy is the creation of three writers, Nezu, Ki, and DK, and our wonderful editor, Aubrey. We originally had two additional writers, GM and Zuul, who have since gone on to other projects. Each writer handles the POV for several characters, and we all share the load for minor characters.

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Ki recently relocated to Toronto from Chicago to live with Aubrey, bringing along the world’s sweetest tabby cat, Lynx. She works as a legal services manager. When she’s not toiling over tax law or on ANBU Legacy, she enjoys baking, speculative fiction, travel, and Korean dramas. You can find her on Tumblr as ninjaeyecandy.

Ki writes Tousaki Ryouma, Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Naruto, Yuuhi Kurenai, and Oita Gennousuke.


DK is a half-British expat recently transplanted from California to Oregon (with Nezu!), which is why his accent and his spelling are both unique. He’s blond, trans, taller than you, works in an emergency vet hospital by day and attempts ill-advised home projects at night. His recent hobbies include creative kitchen disasters, watching as much sports anime as possible, and thinking up new ways to torture fictional characters. His soul is blue and smells faintly of cedar. You can bother him on Tumblr as saunterleftside.

DK writes Namiashi Raidou, Hatake Kakashi, Sagara Okiku, and Vice Commander Kuroda.


Nezu is a former Tennessean living near Mt. Hood with DK and a number of pet rats, ferrets, and tropical fish. His accent comes back when he phones his sister, and he still says “y’all.” By day he’s a disabled professional sick person, a position for which he is eminently qualified by virtue of a broken immune system. He’s trans, queer, and in very good shape— What? Round is a shape! He collects Japanese woodblock prints and pretty rocks.  You can talk to him on Tumblr as nezumiko.

Nezu writes Shiranui Genma, Shiranui Yuuichi, Shibata Tomohiro, Shibata Hakone, Danzou, Jiraiya, and Sakamoto Ginta.


Aubrey is very petite, very loud, and very Canadian. She spends her weekdays wrangling high school students, and her weekends wrangling Legacy writers – which is a considerably more pleasant task. Aside from editing, she also occasionally writes and commentates on Legacy chapters. She lives in Toronto with Ki and the aforementioned Sweetest Cat Ever. She can be found on Tumblr as aubreyli.

Aubrey is our critical and constructive editor. She contributed dialogue for the tanuki kits and now writes Shimura Danzou and Nohara Rin.

Retired Writers


GM rules her small fiefdom of terror in upstate New York. By day, she is a very poor college student. By night, she is still a very poor college student but more exhausted. Her hobbies include stealing other people’s food and challenging inanimate objects to fights. She is on Tumblr as gunmetal-blue.

GM, who has retired from ANBU Legacy, wrote Ueno Katsuko and Nohara Rin.


Zuul’s lifeform resides in the sunshine state, with two lovely ladies, a dog, three cats, and probably 300 dust bunnies. Her hobbies include not following directions, never finishing projects, power tools, and sleeping. Her Tumblr handle is iamtehzuul, because she’s slow about social media and didn’t join early enough to grab her typical username.

Zuul, who has retired from ANBU Legacy, wrote Sarutobi Asuma.

The world of Naruto was created by Kishimoto Masashi; ANBU Legacy is a derivative work.

Original characters, plots, and settings, however, are ours.

ANBU Legacy is an ongoing work, serialized irregularly and freely available online.

For art, commentary, and other content, visit our Tumblr.

We welcome comments on Tumblr, in our guestbook, or by email at

ANBU Legacy © Kilerkki, Nezumiko, DK, Gunmetal, and Zuul