ANBU Mission Report Form — Individual Agent’s Report

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Mission Designation:
Clearance Level:
Reporting Date:
Reporting Agent:
Tousaki Ryouma, 010950
ANBU Team Six, Rookie
Mission Start:
Mission End:
Mission Location:
Asahimachi, Fire Country
Mission Personnel:
ANBU Team Six: Captain Namiashi Raidou (009717), Lieutenant Shiranui Genma (010203), Agent Hatake Kakashi (009720), Agent Tousaki Ryouma (010950)
Mission Objective:
Assassination of merchant Yanagisawa Hideyoshi
Mission Outcome:
☑︎ Success ☐ Partial Success ☐ Failure
☐ Aborted (Reason):_______________________________________________
Injuries and Incidents (attach Medical Report if applicable): 
Not applicable
Attached Documents:
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☐ Medical Report ☐ Damage Report ☐ Disciplinary Report
☐ Intelligence Report ☐ Maps and Terrain Report ☑︎ Other: Severed finger and shakudo ring for delivery to client
Summary of Events:
My name is Tousaki Ryouma, registration number 010950. I’m an ANBU rookie assigned to Team Six, under Captain Namiashi Raidou. My mask is Ram.

On 16 September, we received a mission to assassinate Yanagisawa Hideyoshi, a merchant from Asahimachi, near the border with River Country. The original client request had a lot of details that basically boiled down to: Yanagisawa had double-crossed his business partner — possibly also seduced his wife? That part was a bit ranty and we never verified it. Either way, the business partner was angry enough to pay for an ANBU team, but he didn’t want anyone else around Yanagisawa harmed. Family or servants, I mean. Killing guards was okay. Nobody ever cares about the guards. Guess that worked out for us, anyway.

Sorry. You can leave that part out. 

Intel had Yanagisawa at his home in Tatsugou ward, Asahimachi. We reached the target’s location by 1900 on the 17th. The entire estate was heavily fortified: we counted six guards in the main residence, and another ten patrolling the estate grounds and warehouses. At 2100, we separated into two groups: Captain Namiashi and Lieutenant Shiranui were responsible for putting servants to sleep and eliminating any guards they encountered, while Agent Hatake and I went to Yanagisawa’s bedroom intending to kill him in his bed. We had previously used this method of attack on the mission to assassinate Tsuto Takayoshi and his family, with success [Transcriber note: ANB4050505-A-TSUT].

However, Agent Hatake and I discovered that Yanagisawa was not alone in his bed; he was with a woman. At first, we thought they were just uh, engaging in sexual intercourse. Um… do you know what erotic asphyxiation is? Oh, okay, well, they were doing that. Anyway, to minimize collateral damage as the client requested, we decided to wait until they finished and fell asleep. Only, then Yanagisawa really started to struggle. He broke out of the ties binding his wrists to the bed frame, and we realized that she was actually trying to kill him. At that point, Agent Hatake and I approached the target, but he had a hidden alarm that he had activated, and guards were already at his door. 

We considered killing the target right then, but combat would have endangered the woman and possibly complicated our exit, so we took Momoe, left the target, escaped under cover of genjutsu, and reconvened with the captain and lieutenant. 

Momoe was the woman’s name. Fujiwara Momoe. She was not our client’s seduced wife, as it turns out, so I owe Agent Hatake two thousand ryou. She told us that several years ago, Yanagisawa had wormed his way into a business partnership with her father — probably in a similar way to what he did with the client who hired us for this mission, actually — and then did some super shady dealings and basically left her father with nothing. Her parents took it badly. Her dad committed suicide, her mom died a short while after, and Momoe… well. That’s not relevant.

Anyway, she’s been planning to avenge her family ever since. We told her that we were here to kill him anyway, but she really wanted him to know that she was the one responsible. Honestly, none of us blamed her for wanting to kill that asshole himself, but it did make our mission more complicated. Yanagisawa knew what she looked like, he knew his life was in danger, and he’d have even tighter security now. And as Agent Hatake pointed out, she wasn’t part of our mission and we’d learned our lesson about taking sidejobs. [Transcriber note: ANB4052806-I-TANI].

On the other hand, while we’d avoided revealing ourselves in Yanagisawa’s bedroom thanks to some tricky genjutsu work, and were pretty sure Yanagisawa didn’t suspect ANBU were after him, he must’ve suspected some kind of shinobi involvement after Momoe’s sudden disappearance. He’d probably change bedrooms, guard routines, and so forth, and we couldn’t rely on our prior intel for a route back in.

So I came up with a new plan. We let Momoe get “captured” so that Yanagisawa could interrogate her. I offered to use henge and go in her place, but we weren’t sure a henge could stand up to whatever preliminary softening-up his guards might do before Yanagisawa arrived. And Momoe was pretty determined. She didn’t have anything more to lose.  

Well, it worked. Yanagisawa’s estate had locked down after the first assassination attempt, but we still managed to pick off another four guards. I disposed of their bodies, and then we used henge to take their places and “escort” Momoe in. Lieutenant Shiranui is a real smooth talker, by the way. He got us through every stage of security and managed for us to stay with the prisoner instead of handing her off to someone else. 

We did have a rough bit eventually with Yanagisawa’s head of security, but Momoe did really well — she held out long enough to look convincing, and confessed that one of his business partners had hired her to kill him. Well, that was something the guard knew his boss would want to hear for himself. So he sent a messenger to bring Yanagisawa in after all.

By then we were in one of the warehouses on the edge of the estate — the weirdly empty kind with unusually thick walls, where no one’s gonna hear if you scream. And no servants or bystanders or clients’ stolen wives likely to blunder in, so it was just great for our purposes too.

Yanagisawa showed up eventually, near dawn on the 18th. After that it was pretty straightforward. Lieutenant Shiranui blocked the doors. Captain Namiashi restrained the target. Agent Hatake and I took out the remaining guards inside the warehouse. We released Momoe from her ropes and Agent Hatake gave her a knife. We let her say what she needed. Then I showed her where to cut. 

Following the target’s elimination, we cut off the finger with the shakudo ring that the client had requested as proof of death and left the estate without raising an alarm. We escorted Momoe to an inn Lieutenant Shiranui knew in one of the quieter suburbs of Asahimachi. Lieutenant Shiranui healed her injuries and we paid the room out for the week. 

We returned to Konoha on 20 September without further incident.
Severed finger and ring, accompanying Captain’s report, to be delivered to client to confirm mission success.

Request permission to reimburse civilian Fujiwara Momoe for her assistance in the completion of this mission.

For Administrative Use Only

Intake Agent:
Transcribed by Hiyashi Riei, 010237
Report filed Y05, 22 September

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