ANBU Mission Report Form — Individual Agent’s Report

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Mission Designation:
Clearance Level:
Reporting Date:
Reporting Agent:
Shiranui Genma, 010203
Lieutenant, ANBU Team 6
Mission Start:
Mission End:
Mission Location:
Shimizu, Fire Country
Mission Personnel:
ANBU Team Six: Captain Namiashi Raidou (009717), Lieutenant Shiranui Genma (010203), Agent Hatake Kakashi (009720), Agent Tousaki Ryouma (010950); Pakkun (summoned nin-ken)
Mission Objective:
Assassination of Iwagakure missing nin Arai Isamu, and retrieval of his body for Konoha intelligence
Mission Outcome:
☑︎ Success ☐ Partial Success ☐ Failure
☐ Aborted (Reason)_______________________________________________
Injuries and Incidents (attach Medical Report if applicable): 
Minor to moderate lacerations and contusions, and grade 0 head injury (Namiashi, Shiranui, Pakkun). Medical illness (Tousaki and Hatake). Treated in the field by Shiranui (Field Medic Grade III). No expected medical treatment required post-mission. See: Medical Report.
Attached Documents:
☑︎ Accounting – Medical ☑︎ Accounting – QM ☑︎ Acquisitions Report
☑︎ Medical Report ☑︎ Damage Report ☐ Disciplinary Report
☑︎ Intelligence Report ☑︎ Maps and Terrain Report ☑︎ Other: Bounty Claim for Arai Isamu
Summary of Events:
Mission Planning:
On 28 September, Team Six was briefed concerning Arai Isamu, a jounin missing-nin from Iwagakure, reported to be the last of his bloodline. According to available intel at the time, Arai had renounced his allegiance to Iwagakure approximately one month previously, and was known to be moving erratically eastwards, with the likely goal of reaching Kumogakure. At the time, few details were available about his bloodline (see: Intelligence Report for our updated information), but it was believed to be of sufficient tactical value that we would likely encounter opposition from Iwa and potentially from Kumo. His last known location was Shimizu, a resort town on the border of Fire Country and Waterfall Country, reported to Konoha by Nakano Housei, retired Konoha chuunin (001938), proprietor of the Shimizu Onsen and Banquet Facility (now deceased).

29–30 Sept
Team Six departed Konoha at 1900 hours on 29 September, and reached Shimizu at approximately 2100 the following day. We met with Nakano at his inn. He informed us that he had recognized Arai from the Third War, when they’d both been fighting on the western front. Nakano took us to the room in which Arai had stayed; he’d kept it locked and unused since Arai’s departure four days previously. Agent Hatake summoned his ninken Pakkun who was able to track Arai’s scent north out of town, towards the mountains. After a brief rest and meal at the inn, we continued on Arai’s trail for several hours, making camp shortly after midnight.

01 Oct
We broke camp at 0530 and continued our pursuit of Arai. Over the course of the next few hours, Agent Tousaki began to show signs of gastrointestinal discomfort (see: Medical Injury Report — Tousaki). When the discomfort worsened to nausea and vomiting, we paused our pursuit of Arai and lodged Agent Tousaki in a makeshift shelter in one of the area’s many caves. It was decided that I would stay with him to provide medical evaluation and assistance, and protection in the case we were discovered by Iwa shinobi also in pursuit of Arai. Assuming no outside interference or worsening of Tousaki’s condition, the two of us would reconvene with Captain Namiashi and Agent Hatake once Agent Tousaki was sufficiently recovered (expected 24–48 hours). 

02 Oct
Late in the morning of 02 October, Captain Namiashi and Agent Hatake returned to the cave where Agent Tousaki and I were situated, to inform us that Agent Hatake was debilitatingly ill with an upper respiratory infection (see: Medical Injury Report — Hatake). Further questioning revealed that he had been experiencing symptoms for the past several days. Our travel through the chilly and damp climate of Waterfall Country exacerbated his symptoms, resulting in sinus congestion and pain, headache, a wracking cough, and physical fatigue. Since Agent Hatake’s congestion would limit his tracking ability, we decided that he would stay with Agent Tousaki, who, though still ill, was showing signs of recovery. Captain Namiashi and I would continue to pursue Arai, with assistance from Agent Hatake’s canine summons, Pakkun.

Tracking Arai proved difficult as the trail was severely degraded by several days of rainfall. However by early evening, Pakkun was able to scent a solid trail. He alerted us to the presence of unusual qualities in Arai’s scent trail, though he was unable to clarify. We followed the trail to to the mouth of a cave, approximately 70 km north of Shimizu, at considerable elevation, which was heavy with the scent of death. We entered the cave, and discovered the partially scavenged body of an adult male. Decomposition put time of death at approximately one week prior. A first glance at the body showed that it was clearly intended to be that of Arai Isamu — we found Arai’s dogtags and Iwagakure weaponry — but closer investigation revealed flesh markers to be inconsistent with Arai’s age and combat history (see: Intelligence Report). Pakkun confirmed our suspicions by informing us that while Arai’s scent was in the surrounding areas, the scent on the body itself matched that of the inn’s proprietor, Nakano Housei.

We deduced that Arai’s bloodline limit must involve the ability to perfectly reproduce another person’s body, including scent profile, without the usual chakra drain that such a detailed and long-term henge would entail. Arai had killed Nakano, assumed his identity, and left the real Nakano’s body here as a decoy to mislead anyone sent to hunt him. 

When we attempted to move Nakano’s body, a trap seal that Arai must have set up activated, causing the cave to rapidly collapse. Captain Namiashi, Pakkun, and I managed to escape, but Captain Namiashi sustained a blow to the head that resulted in a grade-zero concussion (see: Medical Injury Report — Namiashi). Once I healed his lacerations and made sure there were no internal injuries or subdural bleeding, I returned to Shimizu, while Pakkun and Captain Namiashi went to retrieve agents Tousaki and Hatake.

When I met with the man whom we now knew was Arai, at Nakano’s inn, I convinced him that Team Six had encountered an Iwa team already at the cave with ‘Arai’s’ body, and that I was the sole survivor. The injuries I sustained in escaping the cave-in served as corroborating evidence (see: Medical Injury Report — Shiranui). I planned to leverage the fact that his pretense of being a retired Konoha ninja would obligate him to console me for my loss, and join me when I began to consume large quantities of alcohol in my grief. Arai fell for my ploy. However, he insisted on supplying the cups and pouring the drinks himself, so I was unable to poison his drink. Instead, I pretended to be extremely intoxicated, and stumbled against him when I stood up. This gave me the opportunity to prick him with a poisoned senbon.

I used tetrodotoxin, because it would not kill him immediately and thus arouse suspicion with bystanders. As well, the initial symptoms of paresthesias, incoordination, and muscle weakness could be easily mistaken for drunkenness. Arai and I retired for bed shortly afterwards, whereupon I sobered myself up by use of the hayasanoru jutsu, and hid on the roof above his room to ensure that the poison I had administered would kill him. After his death, I sealed his corpse in the prepared body-retrieval scroll.

03 Oct

I left Shimizu at 0230, intending to rendezvous with my team. Almost immediately, I sensed the rapid approach of four unfamiliar jounin-level ninja, coming from the north. I realized that they were likely the Iwa team sent to retrieve Arai, and that they had also reached the cave, excavated Nakano’s body, and come to the same conclusions that we had. Our relative speeds meant that it was impossible for me to outrun them, so I set up as many traps as I could to slow down their pursuit. 

Fortunately, Captain Namiashi had sent ahead agents Tousaki and Hatake, who had recovered sufficiently to be able to assist. Despite all of us being in less than optimal physical condition, we were able to defeat and eliminate the Iwa team. Once we reconvened with Captain Namiashi, and after a period of rest and medical treatment, we buried Nakano Housei’s body, and returned to Konoha, where we surrendered the body scroll containing Arai’s corpse, his assets retrieved from the staged scene in the cave, and the gathered Iwa pursuit team assets to Intel Agent Sugawara Daisuke.
Please find attached the Bounty Claim paperwork for Arai Isamu.

For Administrative Use Only

Intake Agent:
Sugawara Daisuke, 008739
Report Filed Y05, 07 October

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  3. What a treat!! Loving the attention Genma is getting—being a sweet talker and a great undercover agent. I love that he executed the target on his own through his own cleverness. I really love this format and those bite-sized insights on their missions. So much fun! Thanks for sharing ❣️

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