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19 thoughts on “Reader Feedback

  1. I think you are absolutely wonderful people; immensely talented, hard working and so generous to share your work with the world. I love reading ANBU legacy and appreciate every chapter that is published. I particularly love your world building, it makes the plot and characters so much more real and enjoyable. It’s better than many movies or tv shows I’ve seen! I’m glad you have the ko-fi option now so I can give some monetary support. After all the reading I’ve done and knowing how much work goes into it, this assuages my guilt somewhat.


    1. This was the BEST comment to wake up to. Thank you so much. The opportunity to build Legacy’s world is one of our (many) favorite things about this writing project, and we’re so glad we can share the results with readers who enjoy it too. And a special thank-you for your support on ko-fi. It really means a lot to us!


  2. I really love your story. It’s a whole coherent universe with wonderful characters (canon and original) ❤

    However, I have a question: Won't Katsuko came back?
    I was hoping to see her again even if I understand that writing a character originally write by another can be hard. She was such an essential part of Team 6! And I was really hoping to see her teaching Kakashi her fighting style!
    Is she definitely abandonned or will she make cameo appareance?

    Again thank you so much for this great story 😀


    1. Thank you so much!

      Although for the reader it’s been two years since Katsuko left the story, for the team it’s barely been seven weeks. Given all the work she has to do in setting up security for a new embassy in Iwa, and the extreme secrecy of her mission, it’s doubtful she’s had the time or ability to send any updates to the team, if she’s even inclined to.

      We do miss her and the role she filled on the team, but we don’t envision her returning to Konoha or resuming her position on Team Six. For the foreseeable future, she’s likely to be incommunicado, though certainly not forgotten.


      1. Thank you for your answer.
        While disappointed by this news, it’s better to know for certain than to hope in vain 🙂

        I’ve read “Lay your body down” since the first commentary; it’s a really great chapter (not only in size)! I’ve wonder how you could make Kakashi&Ryouma’s romance progress while staying in character with a fight-or-flight Kakashi. Let me say that it’s even better that what I imagine ❤


  3. Hello, I‘ve followed ANBU Legacy on and off for a while now and after re-reading everything for the third time now I can only say that all of you are wonderful writers and I wish this could have been canon. Your story and the characters you created are amazing, they are so deep and complex, there is nothing simple about them and I think you portrayed their Shinobi mindset wonderfully. Laughinh and teasing in one moment and deadly in the next. It’s amazing and I can‘t tell you how much I enjoy reading about them. I especially like the way they interact, there was no instant trust or friendship between Team Six they had to work for it and I‘m admittedly really sad that Katsuko is gone she was an amazing character with so much potential. The relationship between Kalashi and Ryouma is admittedly my favorite both of them deserve so much and I‘m looking forward to see how much further it will develop. Thank you all for sharing your amazing work and if you ever decide to go professional please tell me because I would buy your books in a heartbeat 😉


    1. Oh wow, thank you SO MUCH. We’re all inveterate rereaders, too, and we love knowing our readers go back for more just like we do. We love our character and world so much, that honestly, it has replaced actual canon for us. If we could publish Legacy professionally, we absolutely would. We will definitely let you know if we end up with a contract anywhere. In the mean time, enjoy the ebooks, and if you’re feeling generous, you could buy us a Ryouma-style overly sweet caffeinated beverage at ko-fi.


      1. Since my last comment I’ve re-read all the stories once again and I‘m really looking forward for the next part. I wonder how long Kakashi and Ryouma will manage to keep the change in their relationship a secret. On another note I kind of wondered about Kakashis sexuality, is he on the Asexual or Demisexual Spectrum? Both would fit and it would explain some of his behaviour.

        I already did 😁 even if it was just recently, enjoy your Ryouma-style beverage 😉


  4. I love your stories. The characters are complex and they all have their own flavor. The writing is superb, and the scenarios are great. I go back and reread part of the stories every now and then (“crazed sex eros-nin Ryouma never fails to crack me up, and I do love the scene between Ryouma and Raidou. I’m a bit sad we didn’t get any hot Kurenai/Raidou/Genma threesome, but my imagination had a lot of fun with that without problems).


    1. Thank you so much! All of us go back and reread periodically, too, and then have delightful moments of “oh, wow, this is actually good!” that we share with the others. (Of course we also have the “crap, I could have written that part better” moments, but we try not to dwell on them.) I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say we all let our imaginations carry on with that threesome. As did the characters, in a quiet moment of personal time before they went to sleep, no doubt!

      Thanks for being a loyal reader and rereader!


      1. It can’t be perfect all the time! I imagine it’s especially hard to write if you have to write about “downtime”. It’s one thing to write about an epic battle, but another one to paint an interesting scenario of your character going to the grocery store (or patching up a roof – though you did that one fantastically). Plus I imagine you’re way more critical of yourselves than us readers are.

        If you ever need to ask a medical question or hear about crazy medical stories you can hit me up. Working in healthcare I’ve seen my fair share of.. things. No chakra exhaustion unfortunately. And there’s a severe lack of shuriken and kunai accidents (though we did have a young lad come in for a katana related accident).


  5. Hello!! I was obsessed in ANBU Legacy when I discovered it in…2013-14 I think? Then the embers of my interest in Naruto were extinguished and I forgot about it. Stumbled upon it recently by pure chance and devoured everything from the beginning- i’d forgotten how beautifully developed and well written all the characters were, and I’m now 100% invested all over again HAHA. the latest chapter was like getting punched in the gut except in a good way!! If I’m being honest I think I’ve been waiting for this moment since the ANBU Trials, and I’m probably not alone in that. 🙂 thank you to all the writers for crafting this masterpiece and can’t wait to see what’s next for the boyssss


  6. I just wanted to say thank you for crafting this amazing universe and giving life to all your characters. Over the past decade, I’d regularly fall out of touch/lose interest in the Naruto universe due to schoolwork, travels, life in general–only to have it rekindled by your writing (dating all the way back to Fallen Leaves!). I really appreciate how you don’t rush over the slower parts/emotional fallout following major events (that bugged me sooo much in the manga)–and as someone who’s slowly accepted their position on the ace spectrum, how you write Kakashi. I’m very sorry I haven’t been that active on tumblr or doing much drawing lately–I started research approximately a year ago, and am still trying to get my shit together most days, but it’s something I definitely intend on picking back up 😛
    Hope everyone is doing well and thank you again for all the beautiful writing!


  7. Im not even sure how i stumbled upon this website, but not only do you guys have what seems to be one the longest fics out there, but the best writing too.

    You guys made me fall in love with the Naruto universe again, and for that ill always be thankful.

    Ps. Please bring back katsuko at least once. I miss her too


  8. hmm…since this part is titled ‘Reader Feedback’ and not ‘Reader Admiration’, i’ll stick to real feedback (no matter how hard i want to gush on aout how amazing this is). first off, so far, both of Team 6’s missions (completed ones as of now) are failures, it may be wise to add a few hard, but successful missions. including this one, hopefully. second, i cant speak for anyone else, but for me, i hate emotion going along a strand, then just suddenly dissapearing. for example, the built-up animosity against the Vice-commander just dissapears. it leaves me very frustrated at the charactors and takes me away from the way the plot is woven. next, it is clear that Kakashi has connections with the Hokage, right? i would e so satisfying to see him use that as a political advantage, or use that for leverage, or power-play against another team, or the vice commander, or anyone. last, for the past couple of chapters, the plot seems to have essentially flat-lined. there seems to be no progress towards a final climax, nor is there much charactor development other then kakashi changing his atitude after the eval. things such as teamwork, status, and internal conflict (within the team) have already appeared (btw, great job on making the teamwork thing slow and gradual. so many fanfics/derivative works i’ve read have been ruined by a pace too quick, or a change too sudden). overall, this is one of the best (if not THE best) fanfics/derivative works i’ve ever laid my eyes on. great job to each writer, and i hope the remainder of this story will be as satisfying as the previous part(s)!

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    1. You raise some good points, though I don’t agree with them all. Team Six did fulfill the terms of the mission assignment on all 4 of their missions so far, although there were injuries and issues that overshadowed the mere technical fact of meeting mission objectives. Fortunately we have a lot more missions planned. 🙂

      Similarly, we do intend to do more with Kuroda over time. He was a primary antagonist in the Team Reorganization Arc, but Team Six has had significantly less interaction with him since returning from Kirigakure. Still, he hasn’t disappeared, nor have the vendettas against him. Team Six has just had other things to worry about!

      Finally, with a long-running story, there will be highs and lows in terms of plot and character development. We tend to operate in terms of “arcs” rather than aiming toward a final climax, and sometimes those arcs involve downtime, recovery, and day-to-day character interaction rather than the more exciting plotful missions. Not all chapters will appeal to all readers, but hopefully you find something to enjoy even in the slower slice-of-life beats.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      – Ki


      1. hmm…by successful, i actually meant going off without a hitch. so far, each mission had an unexpected twist, such as the demons, kiri interferring, the tanuki, etc. a mission with lots of team bonding that goes off without a hitch could be nice. to maybe add a little spice, maybe have them come back to bad news? i agree completely with the arcs instead of one big plot. reflecting, i should have seen the way this is a great way to connect arcs. i still look forward to kakashi using his connections in a political battle 😉 ! again, great job to each writer. i look fowards to all updates eargerly! happy writing!


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